Thursday, January 20, 2011

A sad day for Chatty Metalsmiths and Stone Sluts

I just have to say I am very sad today, I love our group and I hate the word TEAM. I am said that Etsy feels the need to label us and force into round holes, when most of us our square pegs. This group means the world to me, I have found friends here that not only share my passion for silver and stones, they inspire me, they have supported me through hardest year of my life and always made me believe tomorrow is another day and it will better then the one I am standing in.

I love that we come from all around the world, different family dynamics, political and sports views and the love and hate for potlucks - but our passion working with a torch or feeling the coolness of a beautiful stone has always made us respect eachother. Before today I never thought I would see any of us get nasty with each other, but being forced into that round hole has pushed some of to the edge.

I am sorry that we can all move to the team forum without bumps and I praying to the universe and goddess that the ones who not on board right now, will miss us so much they will come around. This forum has been my Cheers and will are all NORM when post in the forum. I love that we miss each other when we are busy and haven't been around. We have all been in the forum for one reason or another and it makes me weep that it is all coming to an end.

The community that Etsy has championed it site is coming to an end. I am sorry for anyone who comes to Etsy after February 1, you are on your own. There will be no forum to help guide you to setting up your shop, how or where to market, how to get your first sale, to connect with other people that have the same love of your craft that you do.

I know this isn't just a sad day for me and my chatty metalsmiths and stones is an end of an era! I don't think Etsy even knows what this will do to our community...


  1. Such a well writ set of feelings in word form, I have gulped the last of my gin and tonic to keep me from crying.
    Well you have made the days in etsy a lot brighter with your presence. Ad have done so for me as well.
    You are on the convo often list.
    Stylin photo by the way.

  2. I'm too sad to post a comment. :(

  3. This is very sad. I'll miss all of you in the Forums if Etsy really follows through with this. Maybe we should all move to Artfire where they still have a forum.

  4. janea, i agree with every single word. so sad.

  5. I've written and rewritten my comment numerous times. Nothing I can say helps to dispel this feeling of sadness. :(

  6. It makes me sad and frustrated.

    And so glad I found you all before this change went into effect....
    And we WILL find a way to continue the conversation.

  7. I so agree too! I have found friends, mentors and simply amazing people in this group. They are taking something we enjoy and use to learn and relax and making it "work" and not fun anymore.